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GTGC - #199 - Halloween

October 31st, 2016

Happy Halloween! Your favorite film analysis podcast is back with the Halloween classic, John Carpenter's Halloween. Alex, Caleb and Dustin gather around the analysis table to wrap up Shocktober 2016 with this holiday classic. You may or may not be surprised by the hosts' reactions to the film. The review is made up of an interesting look at seminal works that get surpassed by time and innovation. 

In honor of the horrifying visage of William Shatner, this week's game sees the hosts talking about Famous Faces that could look Evil. But, you didn't come here for games. You're here to hear solid film analysis. Caleb, Alex and Dustin bring some strong analysis to counter the evil of Michael Myers. 

Caleb gets the ball rolling by discussing the history of Samhain and it's correlation with Halloween. Caleb explains the roots of many of our holiday traditions, such as apple bobbing, and gives some foundation for what Carpenter initially wanted to achieve with the franchise. He argues that Halloween as a mirror of societal horror could have worked if not for the money grab of the initial sequel. Alex takes over from here and speaks a bit to his point about franchising films before moving into her true analysis of the film. She looks at the portrayal of female sexuality and the harms of the slasher film in relation to femininity. She argues that the misogyny of the film is a challenge to overcome, not only for Halloween but the genre as a whole. Dustin counters and compliments her argument a bit. He discusses the pros of the film and the strength that it did attempt to give to females through the final girl trope developed. He takes a closer look at the slasher villain as an agent of God's wrath. 

Thank you for joining us this month for our favorite annual marathon, Shocktober. We want to inform you that we will be taking a brief break. To properly prepare for Episode 200 and to work around schedules, we've decided to take a week off. We will return on November 14th with Episode 200. If you want to know what movie we're watching for that special episode, you'll have to listen to this week's episode. Trick or Treat, dear listener. 

Halloween Timestamps

00:35 - Welcome and Introductions
02;36 - Synopsis and Reviews
11:00 - The Game - Famous Terrifying Faces
17:13 - Social Media
18:40 - Analysis
39:57 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
44:56 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #198 - An American Werewolf in London

October 24th, 2016

There is a bad moon rising this week as we take a look at An American Werewolf in London. The Shocktober Train chugs along. We decided to go back to the 80s and look at John Landis' comedy-horror classic. Besides, this year marks the 35th anniversary of its release. It's perfect timing. This week, the original trio of Arthur, Dalton, and Dustin sit at the table to break apart Werewolf.

On this week's show, the game may be one of our more ridiculous efforts. We try and pitch "Where in the World is an American Werewolf" movies. The answers are fun, and Dalton loves saying the name of the game. Afterwards, the full moon shines and we open the film up for analysis. Dustin runs a roundtable for this episode. The first question is in regards to sympathetic antagonists and why the protagonist in werewolf films often become the antagonist.

Next, Dustin questions the connection between sexuality and werewolf-ism. Dustin first draws allusions to sex and vampire, but is curious about the connection here. The gentlemen then move into a look at the Jewish themes running through the narrative. The idea of survivor’s guilt comes up as well. Also, Dustin makes Holocaust and War connections. A discussion of the history of the werewolf tale comes up as Arthur inquires as to why the UK has so many werewolves. Finally, the segment ends with a discussion of the other.

We don't know what happened after that. The next thing we remember is waking up naked at the zoo. Dalton stole some balloons from a child, it was a unique experience. Anyway, the moon is about to rise again, so you can hit that play button. We need some more aspirin for our headache.

An American Werewolf in London Timestamps

00:35 - Welcome and Introductions

03:15 - Synopsis and Reviews

10:43 - The Game - Where in the World is an American Werewolf

17:25 - Social Media

19:39 - Analysis

40:27 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead

43:43 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #197 - Martyrs (2008)

October 17th, 2016

Dear Listener, prepare yourself. On this week's show, Dustin takes us down the rabbit hole of French New Extremity with his host pick Martyrs (2008) – this discussion relates to the original French version, not the recent American remake. Dustin always tries to torture his friends with his host picks, and he certainly succeeded this week. He was partially inspired by Alexandra West from the Faculty of Horror, who recently published a book on the sub-genre. So, prepare yourselves for this week's pick!

Caleb, Dalton and Dustin ease into the conversation this week by playing a game. This week, the hosts talk about their favorite Cinematic Female Duos and Teams. So, if you want to find out who really digs on Fried Green Tomatoes you have to tune in. Alright, when the game is over we put Martyrs on the analysis table. Or, does Martyrs put us on the analysis table?

Dalton starts things off and discusses how Martyrs takes some religious ideals and places them in a scientific world and examines them from a clinical standpoint. Also, he argues that the film takes aim at the western world's fascination with violence in general. Caleb takes the reins and examines what sets this film apart from torture porn. Finally, Dustin rounds things out with an examination of torture. He delves into the film's exploration of the topic and how it is addressed in both halves of the film.

So, Shocktober 2016 rolls on. The GoodTrash GenreCast has reached a place of transcendence. But, if you want to know what was on the other side, you must hit that play button and tune in now!

Martyrs Timestamps

00:36 - Welcome and Introductions

02:59 - Synopsis and Reviews

14:32 - The Game

21:32 - Social Media

24:59 - Analysis

46:46 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead

52:15 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #196 - It Follows

October 10th, 2016

Keep lookin' over your shoulder because Shocktober 2016 is rolling on. This week, we're back to talk about the much lauded It Follows. We hit the mean streets of Detroit in an attempt to crack this supernatural thriller open. Do we find success? You'll have to tune it to see, or hear? Anyway, Alex, Arthur, Dalton and Dustin gave it a good effort here. Also, it must be mentioned that things get very real on this episode. It happens during out analysis. If you have any trigger warning issues related to sexual assault or rape, you may want to skip straight to Arthur's analysis. This will be marked in the timestamps below.

Before we get down to business, their must first be some gameplay. This week we talk about our favorite Horror Film Scores. It is a good discussion filled with great examples. After the game, we get down to business and dissect It Follows. Trigger warning as Alex reads the film as with the spectre being a commentary on sexual assault and the spectre is a representation of PTSD. Next, Dalton informs us that we're all going to die. He brings up how sex is used as something to take death and mortality and growing older off people's minds. 
Arthur looks at the spectre of It Follows from an economical stance. He argues that the spectre is the looming unease of living in a city that has fallen from its previous graces. Dustin looks at capitalism. He discusses the economic depression that has occurred in Detroit and how sexuality is used as an opiate to avoid the real troubles of the city. 

Keep your eyes peeled, dear listener. Be careful not to get to comfortable with the people around you, and stay with your closest friends. They are the ones who will help when times get tough. Like us, we'll always be here for you if you need. Just hit that play button.

It Follows Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
05:09 - Synopsis and Reviews
16:57 - The Game - Horror Movie Scores
25:06 - Social Media
27:50 - Analysis
29:36 - Alex and Dalton Analysis TRIGGER WARNING skip to Arthur's Analysis to avoid
46:39 - Arthur and Dustin Analysis
56:32 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
1:00:13 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #195 - Shadow of the Vampire

October 3rd, 2016

It's the best time of year dear listener! It is officially Shocktober! This month, we will have all of the movies to spook, scare, shock and send shivers down your spine. And we start with the genre mish-mash Shadow of the Vampire. We've got Willem Defoe, John Malkovich, Nosferatu, and a meta-narrative. It is definitely a movie that's in our wheelhouse. 

The host lineup this week is a first as Dustin, Arthur, and Alex find themselves running the ship. The conversation begins this with as we talk about "What If Scenarios" we'd like to see played out in film. Arthur, Dustin, and Alex pull out some fascinating ideas that would probably bring in some box office bucks. Then, we throw back the casket lid and stake out the analysis of Shadow of the Vampire. Alex kicks it off this week and offers up ideas and critiques of method acting and overbearing directors. She cites Kubrick and Hitchcock as prime examples of directors who would often take things too far. Jared Leto and his recent methodical turn as the Joker are also talking points for her analysis. Arthur picks up from here to discuss the fading of the celebrity star. He looks at Shadow of the Vampire as an analogy for celebrities who are seeking one last shot at glory and redemption. And, he cites Sunset Boulevard as another example of this in a more realistic setting. Dustin takes over from this moment to talk about the "eternality of the cinematic object". He speaks to the idea of the images on screen being the ghosts of those men and women who we see on screen. He wraps this up to talk about the dialogue with time that the cinema allows. 

And now, the sun is coming up. So, we must return to our homes before the day breaks. But you should stick around, please. Listen to this episode, remember though, we can come into your house any time that we like once you've subscribed. 

Shadow of the Vampire Timestamps

00:37 - Welcome and Intros
03:27 - Synopsis and Reviews
10:44 - The Game - What if Scenario Movies
18:41 - Social Media
20:01 - Analysis
39:56 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
43:38 - Wrap Up


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