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GTGC - #197 - Martyrs (2008)


Dear Listener, prepare yourself. On this week's show, Dustin takes us down the rabbit hole of French New Extremity with his host pick Martyrs (2008) – this discussion relates to the original French version, not the recent American remake. Dustin always tries to torture his friends with his host picks, and he certainly succeeded this week. He was partially inspired by Alexandra West from the Faculty of Horror, who recently published a book on the sub-genre. So, prepare yourselves for this week's pick!

Caleb, Dalton and Dustin ease into the conversation this week by playing a game. This week, the hosts talk about their favorite Cinematic Female Duos and Teams. So, if you want to find out who really digs on Fried Green Tomatoes you have to tune in. Alright, when the game is over we put Martyrs on the analysis table. Or, does Martyrs put us on the analysis table?

Dalton starts things off and discusses how Martyrs takes some religious ideals and places them in a scientific world and examines them from a clinical standpoint. Also, he argues that the film takes aim at the western world's fascination with violence in general. Caleb takes the reins and examines what sets this film apart from torture porn. Finally, Dustin rounds things out with an examination of torture. He delves into the film's exploration of the topic and how it is addressed in both halves of the film.

So, Shocktober 2016 rolls on. The GoodTrash GenreCast has reached a place of transcendence. But, if you want to know what was on the other side, you must hit that play button and tune in now!

Martyrs Timestamps

00:36 - Welcome and Introductions

02:59 - Synopsis and Reviews

14:32 - The Game

21:32 - Social Media

24:59 - Analysis

46:46 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead

52:15 - Wrap Up

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