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GTGC - #196 - It Follows


Keep lookin' over your shoulder because Shocktober 2016 is rolling on. This week, we're back to talk about the much lauded It Follows. We hit the mean streets of Detroit in an attempt to crack this supernatural thriller open. Do we find success? You'll have to tune it to see, or hear? Anyway, Alex, Arthur, Dalton and Dustin gave it a good effort here. Also, it must be mentioned that things get very real on this episode. It happens during out analysis. If you have any trigger warning issues related to sexual assault or rape, you may want to skip straight to Arthur's analysis. This will be marked in the timestamps below.

Before we get down to business, their must first be some gameplay. This week we talk about our favorite Horror Film Scores. It is a good discussion filled with great examples. After the game, we get down to business and dissect It Follows. Trigger warning as Alex reads the film as with the spectre being a commentary on sexual assault and the spectre is a representation of PTSD. Next, Dalton informs us that we're all going to die. He brings up how sex is used as something to take death and mortality and growing older off people's minds. 
Arthur looks at the spectre of It Follows from an economical stance. He argues that the spectre is the looming unease of living in a city that has fallen from its previous graces. Dustin looks at capitalism. He discusses the economic depression that has occurred in Detroit and how sexuality is used as an opiate to avoid the real troubles of the city. 

Keep your eyes peeled, dear listener. Be careful not to get to comfortable with the people around you, and stay with your closest friends. They are the ones who will help when times get tough. Like us, we'll always be here for you if you need. Just hit that play button.

It Follows Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
05:09 - Synopsis and Reviews
16:57 - The Game - Horror Movie Scores
25:06 - Social Media
27:50 - Analysis
29:36 - Alex and Dalton Analysis TRIGGER WARNING skip to Arthur's Analysis to avoid
46:39 - Arthur and Dustin Analysis
56:32 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
1:00:13 - Wrap Up

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