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TwiLit Ep. 1 - “Can A Vampire Be Badass and Also Glittery?”


Welcome to the world's weirdest venn diagram where vampires, YA fiction, and movies meet. It's TwiLIT a brand new podcast coming at you. Kirsten "The Frightful Femme" Therkelson and Erin "Bad Girls Die First" DeMoss are throwing it back to 2009 and the height of Edward-mania. Each month, your fearless hosts are going to dive deep into the Twilight universe and adjacent topics to highlight what makes the series so fascinating. 

In Episode 1, your hosts are splitting open the first film in the series, while also looking back on the books as well. They discuss Edward and Bella, the Cullen, Stephanie Meyer and all the usual suspects you're hoping to hear about it. 

If you've been looking for a movie podcast devoted to all things Twilight, well things are about to get lit. 

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