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The Superlative Light - The deadCenter VR Experience


The Superlative Light made a splash at deadCenter 2016 as one of the Okie Shorts and the Virtual Reality Experience. The short recounts the story of homeless photographer Robert Shults as he climbs out of poverty thanks to a job taking pictures of a giant lazer in the basement of the University of Texas's physics department.

The documentary plays with the ideas of the relativity of time and the importance of perception in storytelling. Caleb and Alex both had the opportunity to watch the short via two completely different viewing experiences. Caleb caught the movie as a part of The Okie Shorts while Alex caught the Virtual Reality experience at the deadCenter HQ in the IAO building. The film piqued an interest in both of your hosts and and both chime in with their thoughts on the film with Alexandra bringing you a full interview with the film's director Ben Steinbauer

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