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GTGC Bonus Show: Hereditary (2018) with the Frightful Femme



Hello dear listener!

Your favorite film analysis podcast is back with a raw recording of our thoughts over the new A24 production, Hereditary!

The boys got together and went to the movies, and they were joined by GoodTrash's very own Frightful Femme, Kirsten Therkelson! On this episode, we got in the car right after the movie to record our hottest of hot takes. Does Hereditary live up to the hype? Is Toni Collette really that good? And will we ever be able to sleep again? You'll find all of that information and more in this bonus show.

We tried to hold off on spoilers, but after about 10 minutes, Dustin let it all hang out. So, there are some heavy spoilers ahead. 

Did you see Hereditary? Hit us up on Twitter (@Good_Trash) to let us know your thoughts! 

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