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GTGC #272 The Italian Job (2003)


Ciao, and welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! We're back with one more show, much to Dustin's chagrin. Coming out of The Lovelesswe were still in the mood for some bad boys. So, we thought nothing seemed more GoodTrash appropriate than F. Gary Gray's 2003 remake of The Italian Job. 

Zero to Sixty with The Italian Job

We thought, what could be better than Marky Mark, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Charlize Theron pulling a heist in Mini Coopers? Well, almost anything, apparently. The 2003 remake sees Wahlberg's Charlie Croker assembling a crew to get back at a friend turned foe. It's pretty much every heist movie you've seen before.

Our game this week is a good time as we Assemble a Heist Crew from different actors, characters and *checks notes* communist leaders?

We also break this film open in analysis. We talk about the heist film as a genre, the tropes that it entails and it's history. Dustin questions the film masquerading as a Robin Hood type narrative, when the rich are just stealing to get rich. The problematic characters are also a point of discussion. So, despite the film's failures, we still found plenty to talk about.

Now hop in, we got a train to catch!


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