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GTGC #268 Prince of Darkness


Welcome back one and all to your favorite film analysis podcast! We gather around the candles and pentagrams this week to discuss a Patreon-awarded show, John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. That's right, the modern master of suspense makes his way back to the GenreCast analysis table for the sixth time—this time it's thanks to Brigham Cole, so thanks Brigham!

Dining with the Prince of Darkness

John Carpenter's cult classic is the second part of the Apocalypse Trilogy, which begins with The Thing and ends with In the Mouth of Madness. While not narratively connected, the films share a thematic thread. Prince of Darkness tells the story of a group of research students and a priest (Donald Pleasance) who discover a container of glowing green evil in an abandoned church. The evil goo soon begins to infect the troupe, and the survivors must figure out how to win the day, or welcome the end of the world.

After we quickly review the film, we talk about our Favorite Film Trilogies—this is also a setup for our next episode. We then get down to analysis. On this weeks show, we discuss the film's potential critique on social issues. The topic of studio influence and Carpenter's career comes up.

Oh, it appears Alice Cooper is outside. See you all next week!

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