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GTGC #266 Carrie


Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! It's prom season, which means it is time for limos, gowns and bloodbaths! That's right, we get back into our normal, non-singing routine with the original Brian De Palma classic, Carrie. Dalton didn't get asked to the prom, so Alexandra Bohannon came by the studio to count the king and queen ballots for us.

Dancing with Carrie

The 1976 adaptation of Carrie set a lot of precedence. Namely, it kickstarted Hollywood adapting Stephen King's work. The book had only been published a few years prior, and it would become only the first in a long line of the author's titles that would get picked up for screen. Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is a shy, meek high school student. Her mother, Margaret (Piper Laurie) is a fire and brimstone Christian who assumes the worst in all situations. Guilt-driven abuse fills the White household. One day, during gym, Carrie starts her first period. But, she has no clue about what it means. The other girls begin making fun of her. Carrie realizes that her journey into womanhood not only brings bodily changes, but it unlocks new abilities she didn't know she had—telekinesis.

Knowing how much of an influence Hitchcock was on De Palma, we shape our game around Directors Who Have/Would Influence Us as Filmmakers. It's a mouthful.

After the game, we get down to business to analyze Carrie. In this episode, we discuss the male gaze and the presentation of women. We question if Carrie is a strong female character, or if the movie undercuts that motif. The idea of religion, guilt and sex is brought up. And, we wrap up with a discussion of De Palma's unique style.

Oh, it's time for the king and queen dance, we'll see you next week!

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