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GTGC #264 Les Miserables (2012)


Your favorite film analysis podcast returns with one more entry into the GoodTrash Musical Revue with a look at the Tom Hooper adaptation of the beloved classic, Les Misérables (2012). Can you hear the people podcast? Find out in this week's show.

Look Down upon Les Misérables

Based upon the classic novel of the same name, Les Misérables tells the multi-decade tale of reformed prisoner Jean Valjean (Jackman). The stage is set early for the conflict between Valjean and Police Inspector Javert (Crowe). Valjean makes parole, and after struggling on the streets he makes a decision that will send him back to prison, until a gracious priest steps in to show mercy. Valjean swears to do good in the world, and his life takes a turn. In doing so, he crosses paths with Fantine (Hathaway). Discovering Fantine's struggles, Valjean swears to raise her daughter Cosette. There's a lot more to this plot, including an appearance by the ever-annoying Eddie Redmayne—we really dive in to our dislike of Redmayne.

You'll find out more about Redmayne in our quick reviews. But then, we recap the marathon up to this point with a discussion of our Favorite Musical Numbers from the GoodTrash Musical Revue. Finally, we get down into analysis. We talk formalism, grace, mercy and law, and much more on this week's show.

Now, I've dreamt a dream about podcasts gone by...

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