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GTGC #263 Across The Universe


The GoodTrash GenreCast, your favorite film analysis podcast, jumps ahead to the aughts as the Musical Revue goes Across the Universe.

Across the Universe focuses on Jude and Lucy, two star-crossed lovers whose lives intertwine through an alternate-60s reality. Jude is from Liverpool. Lucy is from the states. On a quest to find his father, Jude meets Max at Princeton. They strike up a friendship, and Jude meet's Lucy, Max's sister. The two try to define themselves and their relationship against a backdrop of The Beatles' greatest hits and deep cuts.

In our Across the Universe review, we give our brief thoughts. We then play our game—Bands Who Deserve a Musical. Finally, we get down into our Across the Universe analysis. In getting to the meat of the story, we talk art and politics, music, presentation of history and much more.

Goo Goo G'joob, dear listener!

Traveling Across the Universe

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