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GTGC #261 Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


The GoodTrash Musical Revue continues this week as we move forward to the 80s with the Frank Oz cult classic, Little Shop of Horrors.

We thought long and hard about what musicals to add to this Revue. We're going to limit our options somewhat by sticking to the 80s through today, trying to hit a bit from the 80s, 2000s and 2010s. We're going to do some more camp, some traditional Broadway content and a recent, not-so-traditional film that's been classified as a musical. So, we hope you're excited as we finally get lyrical on the GenreCast.

In the Weeds with Little Shop of Horrors

In a post-Jesus Christ Superstar GenreCast, we tried to nail down exactly what we wanted. Little Shop of Horrors just makes sense. It has the cult appeal, the nostalgia, and it's a horror/sci-fi genre piece.

It is the story of Seymour (Rick Moranis), a botanist/shop apprentice who discovers a interesting plant on the day of a solar eclipse. Seymour soon discovers that the plant, Audrey II, could be his ticket out of Skid Row. His goal, make money and woo the assistant florist, Audrey (Ellen Greene), away from her Abusive Boyfriend, DDS (Steve Martin). However, Audrey II soon reveals a master plan of its own.

On this week's show, we offer our quick Little Shop of Horrors review, and then play a game. This week, we talk Movies That Deserve the Musical Treatment. Finally, we get into analysis. We talk Freud, satire, race, misogyny, adaptation and more as we dig into the soil surrounding Little Shop of Horrors. 

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