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GTGC #257 Children of Men


Welcome to another edition of your favorite film analysis podcast, the GoodTrash GenreCast. On this week's show, we discuss a movie that has come up a whole bunch in GTGC history, Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men. And yes, this is our second Cuaron film this year, but it's totall worth it.

On our Princess Mononoke episode, we pondered what movies we had recommended as else or instead suggestions the most. So, with the incredible help of the great Keithan Smith, we got a list together. Looking at the overall list, we wanted to break it down to the movies we had recommended, but hadn't watched for the show yet. Some of the top titles were The Shining, Men in Black, Blade Runner and Children of Men. After a fun Twitter poll, Children of Men was selected by YOU to be next on the show!

The Spectacle of Children of Men

The 2006 dystopian sci-fi bombed upon release. Telling the story of a bureaucratic worker named Theo (Clive Owen), Children of Men takes us into an eerily familiar near future where infertility has stopped reproduction. On the day that the last person to be born is killed, Theo gets pulled into a rebellious scheme by his activist ex, Julian (Julianne Moore). Julian recruits Theo to help her transport a young girl named Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) to a group called the Human Project. Once the plan goes south, Theo discovers Kee is somehow pregnant. Understanding the full scope of the situation, Theo knows he has to risk it all to get Kee to the Human Project.

We are all big fans of Children of Men. But, the film is eerily prescient in 2018. Dustin has a lot for us to unpack on this week's episode, as we talk about globalization, utopia, hope, humanity and long takes. We also play our weekly game. This week? Favorite Cold Opens. It was cinematic cold opens, but Dustin cheated and went to the small screen. And of course, we program some Else or Instead marathons to go with Children of Men. 

Now, pull our finger.



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