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GTGC #256 Heathers


Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast, the GoodTrash GenreCast. We bounce back from the mediocrity that was Aeon Flux with a look at 1988's Heathers. But that's not all! We are joined by a special guest this week. GoodTrash's own Frightful Femme Kirsten Therkelson sits down to discuss the film, which she has pegged on Letterboxd as a perfect film. If you think Kirsten has good taste in film, you should listen to her and Dalton discuss her history of film.

Class is in Session with Heathers

The 1988 cult classic Heathers features Winona Ryder as Veronica. Veronica is a member of the Heathers clique—made up of all girls named Heather. As Veronica grows tired of their bullying antics, she falls into a relationship with JD (Christian Slater). JD is a bit of a bad boy, and when Veronica figuratively exclaims how she wishes the Heathers would just die. JD literally takes her up on the idea.

This week, we quickly offer up our Heathers review, which is fairly unanimous across the board. We then get into our gameplay where we rundown our Most Charming Pop Culture Psychopaths. But that's not all, we also crack open all of the subtext at work in Heathers. We hit on topics of school violence, feminism, sexual politics, absurdism and much more on this week's episode.

Oh, there's the bell for lunch. Guess it's time for a LUNCHTIME POLL!



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