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GTGC #252 Mudbound


This week, we wrap up our 5th annual AntiTrash marathon with the Dee Rees period drama, Mudbound. The 2018 AntiTrash marathon may have been one of the strongest outings to date—in terms of the films we watched. Mudbound, Eraserhead, Night of the Hunter and Y Tu Mama Tambien put us in different decades, styles and countries. We hope you've enjoyed this marathon, and if you did, let us know!

Ep. 252 – Mudbound Review and Analysis

Mudbound is a Netflix original film that the streaming giant picked up following Sundance 2017. Dee Rees' third effort, after Pariah and Bessie, is a generational story about two families (one white, one black) working a farm in Mississippi during and after World War II. The McAllan Family own the farm, and the Jackson family work it. Over the course of the film, we continually shift perspective to see how these two families interact in a time of great turmoil.

Getting in to Mudbound

On this week's episode, we engage with a 2017 release that nearly slipped under the radar. The positive thing about Netflix is that so much content is delivered right into your lap. The bad thing about Netflix is that so much content is delivered right into your lap. It's easy to miss things, especially if that thing is a 2-hour and 15-minute period drama. On behalf of the GenreCast, I say go out and watch Mudbound. Now! On this episode, we talk about race, women directors, Mudbound's approach to history, adaptation and more.

Now, hop in the truck. We've gotta go see about some hogs.



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