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GTGC # 250 Eraserhead


Eraserhead is Lynch's first feature, a surreal art film that achieved cult status and earned Lynch the good will to go forth and make The Elephant Man. His first feature, however, is about Henry Spencer. Spencer is a bit of an everyman, while on vacation he reunites with his estranged girlfriend/lover/FWB (?) and discovers she has had his... child. The film sees Henry try to cope as a newlywed and father to an ill infant.

Getting into Eraserhead

Yet, the film is never really as simple as that. Dalton, Arthur and Dustin offer their Eraserhead review and discuss the film's merits before playing the weekly game. Inspired by a character in the film, we talk about our Favorite Puppet Designs. We then move into analysis to talk about auteurism, interpretation of art, trepidation of family life and, of course, sex—a recurring theme this month.

Uh oh, the baby's crying again. We're gonna check on that, while you tune in to Episode 250.


Like our Eraserhead Discussion? 

We have discussed two other David Lynch works:

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On episode 100, we discussed Mulholland Dr.


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