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GTGC #249 Y Tu Mama Tambien


Welcome to a new year and a new edition of AntiTrash! That's right, your favorite film analysis podcast is back with the 5th annual AntiTrash Marathon. And we're kicking it off with Alfonso Cuaron's Y Tu Mama También.

AntiTrash is always a time for us to get together, really ingest some healthy stuff and then prepare to throw it all away when we hit the trash later in the year. We thought we'd start things off internationally with Alfonso Cuaron's raw road movie about Julio and Tenoch. The childhood friends are heading into their last summer before starting university. While at a wedding, the boys meet Julio's cousin and his wife, Luisa. As boys do, they invite the older Luisa along on a road trip to the remote beach, Boca del Cielo—the Heaven's Mouth.

Podcastamos Entre Nosotros Y Tu Mama También

On this week's episode, we have a lot of fun. As with most AntiTrash selections, Dustin is on the up and up, but neither Dalton nor Arthur had seen the film before—and everyone was pleased with the reaction. This week, we offer our initial reviews and then move into the game. It may be a little spoiler-y but we discuss Cinematic Destinations to Spend Your Final Days.

After all of that, we move into analysis. We highlight the film's political commentary, the importance of honesty, existentialism and of course, we talk about sex.

So, grab your gear and hop in the car as we talk Y Tu Mama También. 


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