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GTGC #248 2017 Shelvie Awards


Hello dear listener, and thanks for listening to your favorite film analysis podcast another year! It's time once again for the annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards 2017. The Shelvies are a time of reflection as we look back over the previous year to call out our highs and lows as a show. This isn't a 2017-in-film reflection, but a look back at the movies we watched for the podcast in 2017.

GoodTrash Shelvie Awards 2017

The GoodTrash Shelvie Awards 2017 is a great place to jump in if you're a new listener. It is a chance for you to find out what some of our better episodes of the year were, and some of the fun moments we had. It may also give you a chance to think about some movies you should visit or give another chance.

We'll talk about our favorite discoveries, the worst movie we watched, our favorite guilty pleasure, but it all comes down to the Platinum Shelf.

The one movie that needs to be seen and shelved goes on the platinum shelf. In the past, we've put Her, Mad Max: Fury Road, Casablanca, Spring Breakers and more on the shelf. What will join it this year?

Tune in and find out!


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