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GTGC #247 Batman Forever


Dear listener, your entrance was good, ours was better. Welcome back to the film analysis podcast that looks at all the films that don't come up in film studies. This week, we turn our attention to the black sheep of the Bat family, Batman Forever. 

Our threequels marathon comes to a close this week as we look back at Joel Schumacher's first bat film, Batman Forever. As we've attempted with the previous films, we attempt to find some meaning and worth in the third entry in the Batman series (not counting the '66 Batman film).

Batman Forever sees Batman (Val Kilmer) continuing in his efforts to protect Gotham. During the course of the film, Batman has to tackle not one, but two big bads—The Riddler (Carrey) and Two-Face (Jones). Batman tries his best to take down the dangerous duo, but he needs a little help from his friends—the Boy Wonder, Robin (O'Donnel) and Dr. Chase Meridian (Kidman). Guys, this cast is stacked.

Redeeming Batman Forever?

Our response to the troublesome Bat film may surprise you. Dalton has oft talked about his fondness for Batman Forever. But, does another viewing make it or break it? Two of our hosts may be leaning positively towards the film. On this week's episode, we take care of the usual items. This week's game sees us discussing Bat Rogues We Want to See (Again) on the Big Screen.

After we play our game, we get down to analysis. This week, we talk about the treatment of women in the film. We discuss the psychological and Freudian themes at work. Dalton and Arthur then discuss the prophetic nature of the film and how it predicted much of the future.

And that's a show. Dear listener, flip a coin and see if you get to listen.

Either way, we'll see you next week—same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


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