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GTGC #246 Jurassic Park III


Your favorite film analysis podcast spares no expense as we return to discuss Joe Johnston's Jurassic Park III.

We continue our look at threequels with a look at the abhorred entry in the dino-franchise, Jurassic Park III. Without even intending too, this episode comes right after the debut of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer. That movie looks like how we feel about the third (and at one point, final) entry in the franchise. But, we keep our talk of the newer entries to a minimum as we really focus on Part III—which is why we're doing this whole thing to begin with!

Jurassic Park III sees Dr. Alan Grant venture to Isla Sorna, or Site B, at the urging of an eccentric couple looking for the most adventurous of all getaways. Grant is joined by his co-worker/apprentice Billy. But, once they arrive at Isla Sorna, they find out that InGen wasn't the only one with hidden intentions.

Welcome Back to Jurassic Park

On this week's episode, we try as we may to uncover what is really going on with Jurassic Park III. We briefly discuss the mythology of the series while we give our reviews. We also play a game—Film Sequels We'd Want on a Deserted Island. Dalton and Dustin keep trying to turn it into favorite sequels, but we already played that game—so tell 'em to knock it off.

We then move into analysis. On this week's show, we discuss the meta-narrative at play and how Grant's arc reflects real life trends with the franchise and the field of paleontology. We also discuss some aspects of the film's ideology at play. We also hone in on Grant's character, and where he stands as a scientist at the end of the film.

We then render a verdict about Jurassic Park III. We spare no expense with that either.

Oh no, it looks like we've lost power. I wonder what that Nedry is up to this time. Oh well, while we figure it out, check out this episode and we'll see you next week—Baybay!


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