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GTGC #245 Back to the Future Part III


We definitely don't need roads this week as your favorite film analysis podcast discusses Back to the Future Part III.

We Go Back to the Future, Sorta

With Netflix November behind us, we decide to end the year with a highly specific marathon—Lesser Part IIIs, Chapter 1.

Yeah, it's a bit ridiculous. But, that's who we are.

We kick the marathon off with the third part of Robert Zemeckis' beloved franchise, Back to the Future from 1990. That's right, Marty, Doc and the DeLorean are all here for the fun as we go back to the wild, wild west. No, not that wild, wild west, thankfully.

The goal of this marathon is to see whether these lesser threequels deserve the disdain they've gained, or if they should get a fair shake.

Part 3 of Back to the Future has us wrapping up Marty's adventures in time as he travels to the old west to save Doc. However, this chapter of the series becomes more focused on Doc as we try to get an understanding of the man behind the machines.

For the most part, all of the hosts came away from Part 3 with a better experience than they had predicted. But, this isn't about the review, it is about the discussion. We discuss the movie as a meta narrative and its dialogue with other films. We also try to digest the time travel logistics the Back to the Future franchise utilizes. We also discuss auteurism and Robert Zemeckis' MO in filmmaking.

Also, we play our game. This week, we talk about movies that should get a western sequel. It's fun. And finally, we grapple with the question—shelf or trash?

Looks like the train is on time, all aboard!


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