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GTGC #244 Okja


Hello GoodTrashers! Your favorite film analysis podcast is back to finish our Netflix November (December?) marathon with the critically lauded Okja. 

Okja — Giant Pig in the City

The GoodTrash GenreCast wraps up out Netflix November marathon with the much loved Okja. A story of a girl and her giant mutant pig-hybrid. From director Bong Joon-Ho (Snowpiercer), our story follows Mija as she goes on an adventure against her grandfather's wish to rescue the fantastic Okja—a hybrid bred to meet growing food source needs. Mija teams with a group of resistance fighters led by Jay (Paul Dano) and take on the Mirando Corporation led by Lucy (Tilda Swinton).

This Netflix original made waves, and stirred controversy, earlier this year when it made its premier at Cannes. A large dialogue on theater distribution opened up and is still being wrestled with, and will continue to be wrestled with for the time being. As we gathered around to finish the marathon, we decided this was one of Netflix's better cinematic efforts.

We also discussed the themes at work in the film, such as factory farming, consumerism, eating meat and capitalism. We also ranked the Netflix originals to pretty similar results. After all of that discussion, we made a final verdict. Is Okja worth your time? Or is it excess fat to be cut off your 2017 catch up.

Dinner is almost served, so join in and let us know your thoughts on Okja. 


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