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GTGC #243 The Discovery


Welcome back to the GoodTrash GenreCast, a film analysis podcast discussing movies you won't find in a film studies course. And this week, we look at the Netflix original film The Discovery. 

Doing It Like They Do in The Discovery

This week we take off into the great unknown as The Discovery tries to go into the afterlife. Set two years after Thomas Harbor (Redford) discovers the afterlife, a prodigal son named Will (Segel) returns to his family's home. While on route, Will meets Isla (Mara), a troubled drifter. The two are drawn deeper and deeper into Harbor's tests and theories as he tries to uncover just what is on the other side of the veil.

With the fourth week of Netflix November in the bag, we sit back and ponder some of the issues plaguing all of these films. The Discovery also has us talking Karl Marx and religion. We also discuss suicide and if the film's conceit is plausible enough for us.

But before we get down to that particular brand of film analysis, we share our quick thoughts on the film as a whole. We also play a game. This week, we explore some of our favorite existential films and have a moment of reflection for ourselves.

With only one week of Netflix November left, we start to wonder if any movie can emerge as a true discovery of delight.

Until then, we saw something on the other side, care to join in to see for yourselves?


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