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GTGC #242 What Happened to Monday


Hello, as your favorite film analysis podcast keeps streaming through Netflix November, we take a look at the dystopian sci-fi picture, What Happened to Monday.

What Happened to Monday?

As Netflix November rolls forward, we decide to get into some more action with the dystopian sci-fi action thriller What Happened to Monday? It's something of a whoddunit, but not quite. In a world where procreation has been limited to one child per family, a group of septuplets are born. The grandfather (Defoe) of the septuplets opts to hide them away to keep them safe. The seven sisters are named for the days of the week, and as they grow up they share a common alias that allows them outside on the day corresponding with their name. Then, Monday goes missing. The other sisters rally together to figure out What Happened to Monday. 

This film is something else, to say the least.

We give quick reviews and a lot of quips as we start the show, and then we move into our game. This week, we discuss our favorite Actors Who Played Multiple Parts in the Same Film. The title is clunky, but we have a lot of fun discussing some of our faves. Then, as always, we get down to business. We try to make some sense of this convoluted film. We discuss the regressive nature of the ideology. The social idea of all being punished for the actions of one. Identity is also a point of discussion as well.

Now, help us uncover what happened to Tuesday–Sunday.


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