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GTGC #241 Wheelman


Hurry up! Your favorite film analysis podcast is in deep with the wrong people. We need someone to listen to our analysis of Wheelman!

Shut Up and Drive, Wheelman

Netflix November enters its second week fast and furious. Not that fast, or that furious, but it's high octane nonetheless as we look at the Frank Grillo vehicle, Wheelman. Director Jeremy Rush's Wheelman is 80-minutes of non-stop driving—literally. 98% of the movie takes place from the passenger seat of a Beamer with a red trunk. Grillo is the Wheelman, we never get a name, who agrees to drive for a bank heist. With the heist in progress, Wheelman gets a call from an unknown number, which completely changes the direction of the night.

We may have come across a common theme for the Netflix originals, but being only two weeks in, we're going to wait to pass judgement. We discuss our quick takeaways about what works and doesn't work within the film early in the show. And then, we play our weekly game. This week, as Grillo is somewhat of an unsung hero in movies, we discuss our Top 3 Unsung Heroes of the Silver Screen.

We also get down to business. Much like the Wheelman, we got a long way to go, and a short time to get there. This week, we discuss the role of the daughter and trope subversion. We also talk about spectator psychology. It's a thin film, but we do our best to leave you with something.

Oh man, we just got the call. Are you in?


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