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GTGC #240 Gerald’s Game


Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! On this week's GenreCast, we thought we'd get a little freaky with Gerald's Game.

We're Bound to Play Gerald's Game

We have officially moved out of Shocktober. But, we keep things a bit spooky with an adaptation of Stephen King's work as we move into our new marathon, Netflix November. All month long, we will be looking at Netflix-produced or distributed movies. We thought it would be fitting to kick off the month with another Mike Flanagan film.

Many wondered if Gerald's Game would work as a film—primarily because the novel relies so heavily on inner dialogue to drive the events. Flanagan's task was a bit tricky. You see, Gerald's Game is the story of a husband (Bruce Greenwood) and wife (Carla Gugino) who go to the lake house for a romantic weekend. While there, Gerald decides to add some spice to the bedroom through the use of handcuffs. Jessie is interested at first, but as the game gets underway, she decides she'd prefer not to use the handcuffs. After a bit of a spat, Gerald suffers a heart attack. Jessie is left handcuffed to the bed in a cabin by the lake.

It is a brilliant set up to a story. It's 127 Hours meets 50 Shades of Grey—well, not entirely.

This week, we change our ultimate decision. If you have Netflix, Gerald's Game is already on your virtual shelf. So instead, we decide wether it is worth watching, or if it should be skipped. We also play our game. Somehow, in all of this time, we have never discussed our favorite adaptations. So, that's what we discuss. We also do some analysis. It is a heavy movie at points, and we do our best to navigate those waters. We also discuss ideas related to casting, and its impact on the narrative. We also talk about the film's stance on bondage.


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