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GTGC #239 Hush


The Shocktober train pulls into the station as your favorite film analysis podcast wraps up the annual horror marathon with Hush.

A Hush Fell Over the Room

As we ended one marathon, we wanted to transition softly into our next marathon. We will be screening Netflix Originals throughout November.  So, we opted for the Netflix-distributed Hush from Mike Flanagan. Maddie is an author, who has decided to live on her own in the countryside. One evening, a masked mad man shows up on her doorstep. Upon discovering that Maddie is deaf and mute, a dangerous game of cat and mouse gets underway.

On this week's episode, we try to dig through Flanagan's taut home invasion thriller. We explore the choice of a deaf/mute protagonist, and the ramifications of that from an ideological standpoint. But, we also examine the use of the character from a formalist storytelling perspective—diving into the film's use of sound and staging. We also look at the ideas of toxic masculinity and victimization and how it is explored in Hush.

But before we get into all that, we offer our initial thoughts of the film. We also play our weekly game—Favorite Smart/Strong Horror Protagonists. And ultimately, we will decide if Hush is worthy of going on the shelf, or if it quietly falls into the trash.

Now, go ahead and dive in to this week's episode. You can hear us, can't you?


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