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GTGC #238 Raw


Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast, the GenreCast from GoodTrash Media. This week, our Shocktober marathon of one-word titled films continues with a look at the French/Belgium production, Raw. 

It Gets Raw

Every Shocktober sees at least one artsy horror film rear its head. When the time came, we decided to tackle this foreign production that has been making waves since its festival run. Raw, or Grave, is a horror-thriller from director Julia Ducournau. Justine (Marillier) is a vegetarian and first-year student at veterinary school. She must undergo a series of hazing rituals from older students—including her sister, Alexia (Rumpf). Justine is forced to eat meat—after which, the hunger for flesh only grows.

Raw is a tough watch. But, it offers a lot to digest. The film is multilayered. We don't even get to hit everything, to our chagrin. We do talk vegetarianism, sexual awakenings and we carefully tread into discussing eating disorders. However, we wish we could have hit on hazing and bullying in the digital age, general desire and more. Spoiler alert, we may have liked this one quite a bit.

As always, before we get down to analysis, we give quick reviews and play a game. This week, we talk about "Memorable Body Horror Sequences". It felt like a fitting pairing. After all of this though, we decide whether Raw is shelve-able, or if it is simply scrap-able.

So, how do you like your meal? Well done or still bleeding? Tune in and then let us know!


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