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GTGC #235 Fallen


The sun sets on #ABWD as we discuss Denzel's supernatural thriller Fallen (1998). And though our time with Denzel draws to an end, we use this opportunity to kickstart Shocktober!

We've Fallen and We Can't Get Up

On this week's episode of the GenreCast from GoodTrash Media, your film analysis friends discuss FallenFallen quietly crosses genres, moving from procedural to supernatural thriller to suspense over the course of two hours. It is the story of Detective John Hobbes (Washington)—who is coming off the capture of a notorious serial killer (Koreas). However, after Reese's execution, the string of murders continues. Hobbes must figure out if there is a copycat on the loose, or if something more sinister is taking place.

Fallen is a movie that has come up time and time again, usually from Dustin. We also knew it was perfect for the GenreCast, and it worked as a bridge into Shocktober—which kicks off next week. Before we analyze Fallen, we rank the movies of #ABWD. Some of the movies from this marathon were first time watches for the hosts, so we took this time to reflection the Denzel stories we've watched over the last few weeks (including Devil in a Blue Dress). 

Our analysis of Fallen sees a discussion of the apocalyptic thriller that ran rampant through the late 90s. We also discuss the idea of the unreliable narrator and the narrative constructs of Fallen, and whether they work through the end. Arthur also has a lot to say about the intertextuality of the film and how that works in the film's favor at the end.

Now, let us tell you about the time we almost lost a podcast.


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