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GTGC #232 Training Day


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a moment nearly 5 years in the making. After countless jokes and memes, Dustin and Dalton finally sit down to talk about Training Day on your favorite film analysis podcast.

King Kong has nothing on Training Day

That's right, as #ABWD continues it has seemingly all lead to this. Training Day is important as it marks the first pairing between Washington and Fuqua. But, it is also important as it marks Denzel's Best Performance in a Lead Role win. After the win, many considered the win to be an acknowledgement of Denzel's career post Glory. But, in some ways that downplays his performance in Training Day.

Washington plays Detective Alonzo Harris, a narcotics officer who is deep undercover. Told over the course of one day, Harris is set to show Jake Hoyt (Hawke) the ropes of narco. It is a day that will test both men. A day to see what is good, what is bad and what appears in shades of grey.

As many long time listeners know, and fans of The People's History of FilmTraining Day is a very personal film for Dalton. And it rightfully takes its place among the great Denzel performances, and the GoodTrash reading list.

Before we analyze Training Day, we go through the usual routine. We talk about our initial thoughts, play a game and of course we decide whether it goes in the trash or on the shelf. But you probably already know the answer to that.

So get ready and dive on in, besides its not like we have a gun pointed at your head.


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