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GTGC #230 Crimson Tide


As #ABWD continues, the GenreCast gets around the table to ponder the ethical questions of war. Your favorite film analysis podcast goes deep into a film that we weren't expecting to be so fun. In our journey through Denzel's career, we go back to 1995. The film? Denzel's first team up with long-time collaborator Tony Scott, Crimson Tide. 

We Dive Deep into Crimson Tide

Denzel has collaborated with several directors on multiple films. Spike Lee and Antoine Fuqua are probably the most notable, but Denzel worked with the late Tony Scott more than any other director. Denzel first worked with Scott on Crimson Tide. The two would work together on four more films—Man on Fire, Deja Vu, The Taking of Pelham 123 and Unstoppable. 

Crimson Tide is a action/suspense film taking place on a submarine—the U.S.S. Alabama. Denzel once again plays a military man, this time a Navy Lieutenant Commander, Ron Hunter. Assigned to the Alabama, Hunter works with Captain Frank Ramsey as America enters into a conflict with Russia.  However, while at sea, communication falters and the Alabama loses an important transmission. Afterwards, two conflicting ideologies clash as nuclear war looms.

But before we can get into the heavy analysis, we have to play our game. The game of the week looks at Actor Match Ups. The idea is to highlight two strong actors who go head to head or have to work together.

So, fall in and get ready to submerge into Crimson Tide with us.


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