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GTGC #221 - DeadCenter 2017


Hey Gang! We did not do a show on The Voices this week because we went to DeadCenter!


According to Wikipedia:

The deadCENTER Film Festival was founded in 2001 in Oklahoma City. The festival was named "deadCENTER" because it is located in the exact center of the United States. Although presenting over a hundred films, and an international assemblage of filmmakers, deadCENTER has remained focused on being open to independent local filmmakers.[1]

According to Us: It's a ton of fun! We saw a bunch of movies and did some quick and dirty recaps, live from just outside the theater on what Dalton and Dustin saw together. Even if you are not from the OKC metro, there's some good gems to be found that will be getting broader theatrical and VOD distrubution in the weeks and months to come. 


So sit back and give us a listen and let us know what you think. Next Week: The Voices!


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