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GTGC #214 - Clueless


The ground for good discussion on Clueless is laid quickly in our brief review section as our co-hosts find themselves split on the overall quality of the film. Dustin, being from the generation the film was made for, finds he now actively dislikes the film which he quite appreciated at 19. Dalton on the other hand comes to the defense of Clueless as a film he doesn't love, but certainly sees the value of.

The show then moves to gameplay as the hosts discuss their favorite teen romance films. Specific films are obviously covered, but it isn't long before it becomes more general breakdown of what makes a good teen movie. Things then get closed out with a brief sub-game in which Dustin and Dalton discuss their favorite films from the king of 1980's teen movies, John Hughes.

With more time left for games, the hosts get down to business and talk analysis. The major topics are queer representation and to a lesser extent racial representation, class awareness and finally what it means to be a teenager.

That's it for this week listener, but if you think we're done, well as if! Stay tuned next week as the gang is getting ready to discuss a seminal work of international action cinema. See you then!

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