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GTGC - #211 - The Wolf of Wall Street


On a landmark episode of your favorite film analysis podcasts, Arthur and Caleb say good bay the only way they know how; debauchery. That's right, on this week's GoodTrash GenreCast we're taking a look at Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. It's three hours of coke, prostitues and innovative dart games. But, is it one of Scorsese's best? Or, is it guilty of unnecessary excess?

Before we find out the answer, we play our game. This week, your hosts rapidly examine Careers that Films Talked Them Out Of. It's fast and it's hot, so keep up. We then move into our round table analysis.

Dustin gets things going by bringing up David Bordwell, and examining The Wolf of Wall Street as a melodrama. He presents a strong formalist argument before proceeding with the round table discussion. He brings up the film's critique of capitalism, and Arthur, Caleb, Alex and Dustin all weigh in on the film and its messaging.

That's it for this week. So, get your coat, we're about to head to Benihana's. You're more than welcome to join us...

The Wolf of Wall Street Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
03:36 - Synopsis and Reviews
17:46 - Social Media
18:35 - The Game - Careers Films Talked You Out Of
23:17 - Analysis35:22 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
42:25 - Wrap Up

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