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GTGC - #210 - The Princess Bride


Once upon a time, your favorite movie analysis podcast sat down to talk about a story that has it all, The Princess Bride. On the show this week, we throw a cult classic on the table to see what it is all about. Does Rob Reiner's tale of stories and pirates sweep us off our feet? Or, is it simply, Inconceivable?!

The game for this week is a discussion of our favorites "Stories within Stories". We also have a special announcement in regards to some changes taking place with the show. After all of this nonsense, we get down to our film analysis.

The analysis begins this week with Arthur as he looks at the portrayal of the hero's journey in The Princess Bride. He briefly looks at the history of medieval tales and their connection with the monomyth. He finishes by discussing how we each embark on a hero's journey when we go to the movies. Dalton takes over next. He discusses the art of sharing stories. He brings up the connection that can be made by sharing the stories you love with the people you love.

Alex takes a feminist approach to briefly discuss Buttercup's role in the film, or lack thereof actually. Dustin brings the segment to a close and talks cultural hegemony. He brings up They Live as a counterpoint to help drive his narrative. He argues the ways in which The Princess Bride conveys conservative ideologies and reaffirms the larger cultural ideology of the time.

So come Dear Listener, we'll tell you a tale, of a boy and girl and their love story... And an analysis of that love story.

The Princess Bride Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
03:16 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:16 - Social Media and SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT
18:09 - The Game - Stories within Stories
30:59 - Analysis
49:43 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
53:11 - Wrap Up

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