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GTGC - #209 - Girlhood (Bande de Filles)


Welcome back to your favorite movie analysis podcast, the GoodTrash GenreCast. On this week's episode, the whole gang gathers around the table to talk about Dustin's February host pick, the 2014 French coming of age drama, Girlhood or Bande de Filles. Is this drama a beautiful tale of growing up? Or does it crumble under the pressure?

We kick things off with the weekly game by talking about our Favorite Coming of Age Stories. Arthur decides to play a different game and talks about his favorite Coming of Age protagonists. It's okay, he does what he wants anyway. Following the gameplay, which is filled with bad Boston accents, the team get down to their film analysis business.

Analysis kicks off with Dalton discussing hanging out and social groups. He looks at the way life functions within groups of friends, and how these societal groups help us cope with life. Alex goes down a similar path to talk about groups of girls and friendships. She talks about feminism and gender roles and how Girlhood plays with all of that.

Caleb gives a rundown of the coming of age genre. He discusses the history of the genre and compares and contrasts the narratives as when told through the eyes of males and females. Dustin wraps things up by discussing the socio and political factors that Girlhood pushes up against. He brings up the idea of "banlieue films", which are films that focus on French suburban life.

And that's a show this week, folks. We've got to head out for the week, we've got a party to get to, but we'll see you next week when we take on a genre classic.

Girlhood Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
02:36 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:00 - Social Media
16:37 - The Game - Favorite Coming of Age Stories
30:49 - Analysis
51:15 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
57:05 - Wrap Up

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