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GTGC - #205 - The Exterminating Angel


Editor's Note: Due to a technical issue, this is our first episode back. We recorded this episode as the second entry in the Anti-Trash Marathon, the first was to drop last week but the file messed up and we were unable to get that episode posted. It'll forever join a handful of other films as one of the few lost GoodTrash episodes.

Welcome back dear listener! The Anti-Trash marathon continues this week on your favorite film analysis podcast, the GoodTrash GenreCast. This week, we take on Luis Bunuel's surrealist dinner party classic, The Exterminating Angel (1962). Dustin presents a quick rundown of Bunuel's career and what shaped this influential classic. Is it worth the wait time? Or should you cut out early? Find out as we apply our style of film criticism to The Exterminating Angel.

This week's game provides a lot of laughs as we talk about 3 Movie Characters We Wouldn't Want to be Stuck with at a Dinner Party. We then move into the film analysis section to breakdown The Extermintating Angel. Dalton kicks things off by talking about Sartes' idea that "hell is other people". He examines the sociological factors of being stuck with other people and how those underlying tensions are cranked to 11 by Bunuel. 

Caleb presents his film analysis next by talking about the facade of appearances and the bourgeoisie. He talks about the economic history of the country. He argues that the context of putting it in Spain meant highlighting a country that didn't feel much of the same impact of World War II as other countries. Dustin piggybacks off the conversation before him and looks at the film's critique of fascism. He gives some more historical context of what was happening in Spain. Dustin argues that the bourgeoisie hold up the facade of capitalism. 

That's it for this week. Now, we've got to get ready for our upcoming dinner. The table is set, will you hang around?

The Exterminating Angel Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
04:45 - Synopsis and Review
21:00 - The Game - Movie Characters You Wouldn't Want to Get Stuck at a Dinner Party With
30:22 - Social Media
32:11 - Analysis
56:26 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
1:02:34 - Wrap Up

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