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GTGC - #201 - The Way


The walk is over, and we've arrived at the GoodTrash destination. This week, on our Patreon sponsored episode, we discuss The Way. Nathaniel Masters, brother of co-host Caleb Masters, donated enough to be able to choose a movie for us. But, that doesn't mean we have to love it. Dustin, Dalton and Caleb try and find the deeper conversation within The Way, but a couple of our hosts are a bit iffy on the quality of the film. 


As the discussion gets under way, Caleb appears live via satellite to share his thoughts. The hosts play the weekly game and talk about their favorite and desired family collaborations. Afterwards, they put The Way on the table for analysis. Dalton makes things personal and talks about fathers and sons. He mentions that art is good at critiquing and highlighting familial relationships. He then lifts the veil and reveals the story about the men who raised him and the impact they had on his life.


Caleb talks about the multicultural element of the film. He reinforces the idea of community and working together towards a comman goal. Dustin looks at the bourgeoisie angle the film takes towards spirituality. He draws out the key element of going on a pilgrimage to become a better person. But, he mentions that not everyone can just go on this journey due to economic shortcomings. He says that pilgrimages of the sort within the film are designed for people of privelege. 


That's the show, dear listener. Again, we want to say thank you to Nathaniel Masters. If you're interested in becoming a patron and financial supporter, go here. Don't worry, you won't have to make any sort of pilgrimage to donate. Now, get your walking shoes and get ready to go on this journey with us. 

The Way Timestamps

00:36 - Welcome and Introductions
05:42 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:58 - The Game - Family Team-Ups
27:03 - Social Media
29:40 - Analysis
51:01 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
55:46 - Wrap Up


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