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GTGC - #193 - Pokemon the Movie


You are in for a wonderful treat this week as we sit down to watch Pokemon the Movie. We took the show to the people this week with a live recording at the Parish in the Plaza District of OKC. That's right, the GoodTrash GenreCast went out on the town. We had a great time with everyone that showed up. If you were in attendance, thank you. If you're listening to this podcast, thank you as well.

On this entry in the Keithan Smith sponsored Anime Marathon, we dug deep to take on Mewtwo and his clones. Arthur does a comparison between Pokemon the Movie and Frankenstein. He looks at societal conditions of the 90s and the impact that they had on the film. Dalton takes a look the ethics of fighting Pokemon, and the mixed ideology and confusing questions raised within the film. Next, he highlights how the film cuts its message off at the knees. Alex is next and she raises questions about the ethics of cloning and eugenics. She works with the questions that Dalton raised to try and find some deeper understanding of the presentation.

Caleb looks at Pokemon the Movie as the catalyst of the Japanimation Invasion. He talks about the influence of the internet on the supply and demand of programming. Dustin then rounds everything out as he discusses the Church of Pokemon. He discusses how the games and materials facilitate community and connection with others. 

Thank you again everyone who came out to the show! We greatly appreciate your involvement and are so happy to be able to do these sorts of things with you. And for those of you who weren't there, get ready for an awesome show... After we battle our Pokemon! 

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