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GTGC - #191 - Paprika


Dear Listener, it happened again... Thanks to Patreon Supporter Keithan Smith, we have been saddled with yet another Anime marathon. We kick it off with Paprika (2006). Also, we make an announcement of our Live Recording on September 16th at the Parish in OKC at 7:00PM! This week, something amazing happens on the GoodTrash GenreCast as Dalton Stuart has a surprising response to Paprika. Everyone at the table was in shock. Keithan got to pick a movie and a marathon thanks to his Patreon status. He pledged just enough to do some programming for us. Now, we no longer offer the marathon as a reward, but you can still pick a movie for us to watch!

This week, the game gets silly. After some inspiration in the kitchen, Arthur assigns the hosts a series of spices that are to be used to pitch movie loglines. These Spicy Loglines are extremely silly, yet surprisingly creative. We want you to chime in on this conversation by pitching your own seasoning-based movie ideas over on Twitter and Facebook. We then get down to business with our analysis of Paprika.

Caleb gets the ball rolling by discussing the film's commentary on how dreams and reality must marry for a person to find success in the world. He highlights how a person can't live too far in one or the other but that a balance is needed for success. Dalton discusses compelling villains and how the status quo is prime fuel to drive an interesting villain. Alexandra then lays a solid foundation for Dustin as they work together to define and discuss surrealism and surrealist film.

Alright Dear Listener, this isn't a dream. It's the real thing. Again, we are so happy that you tuned in to this week's show. Also, check out LootCrate; they offer some cool stuff. Remember, if you use code GoodTrash at checkout, you will get $3 off your first box!

Paprika Timestamps

00:45 - Welcome and Intros
04:52 - Synopsis and Reviews
13:53 - The Game: Spicy Loglines
22:41 - Social Media
24:25 - Analysis  
48:20 - Shelf or Trash
56:01 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film 

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