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GTGC - #190 - Transformers


Its more than meets the eye this week Dear Listener, as the Randomizer AB1700 decided to cruelly inflict us with Michael Bay’s Transformers. After nearly four years and finally leaving it to chance, it happened. Much to our chagrin. Except Caleb, he tries to defend it—it’s a valiant effort. That’s right, the movie that we’ve dogged for nigh on four years has finally fallen onto our table. Does it stand a chance, or is it a dead bot walking?

This week we create a controversial conversation as we talk about our Top Three Properties We Don’t Understand the Love For. That’s right, and I promise all of your favorites are called out here. Yep, even that one. You know, the one that you really love? Yeah, we don’t understand it. So take to your social media and please tell us why we’re wrong.

We then get down to business to dissect this film. Dustin has prepared a series of questions regarding the film having its cake and eating it too. He presents to the panel questions about jingoism, diversity and feminism. He presents the idea that the film looks to be progressive in these areas, but beneath the hood (BOOOOO!) he questions if the film is really true to those ideals.

Dear Listener, it’s a challenge this week. But you give us the fuel we need to get through another show. So please, tune in and then take to your social media of choice and let us know what we got right and what we got wrong. And while you’re listening to us, head over to Loot Crate and take a look at September 2016’s box. The theme is SPEED and features items from DC Comics, Gone in 60 Seconds, Battlestar Galactica, Iron Man 2 and more! And if you use promo code GOODTRASH at checkout, you’ll receive $3 off your first box.

Transformers Timestamps

00:47 – Welcome and Introductions
02:56 – Synopsis and Reviews
14:48 – The Game: Top 3 “Why Do People Love (Fandom)”
30:10 – Social Media
32:29 – Analysis
46:51 – Shelf or Trash
51:40 – Wrap Up and Next Week’s Film

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