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GTGC - #189 - Fast Five


Welcome back dear listener! This week we get fast and we get furious as we take a look at Justin Lin’s Fast Five. It is mostly received with great joy, but Dustin has no heart. This episode has a bunch of absurd dialogue and some crazy set pieces. Sorry you can’t see Dalton’s death-defying stunts on this one. He don’t need no stuntman.

Things kick off this week as the game has us revisiting Film Franchise MVPs. The hosts highlight franchise entries that are surprisingly fun or good. We then move into analysis with Caleb’s look at how the Fast Franchise has opened up a multi-ethnic blockbuster franchise. Dalton counters that as he highlights the colonial Americans invading Rio and destroying their country.Dustin takes the conversation home with a discussion of montage and Sergei Eisenstein and what attracts us to these big blockbusters.

Alright, gas up dear listeners. We’ve got a long ways to go and a short time to get there. Time for you to buckle up and hit play.

Fast Five Timestamps

00:49 - Welcome & Introductions
02:06 - Synopsis & Reviews
08:56 - The Game: Film Franchise MVPs
19:53 - Social Media
22:53 - Analysis
39:15 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
42:60 - Wrap Up & Randomizer 

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