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GTGC - #188 - Bewitched (2005)


We hope your noses are twitching, because we’re back with Alexandra Bohannon’s host pick, the 2005 rom-com, Bewitched. A divided table sounds off to tackle this trip down nostalgia lane. Trust us, it is a divided table.

We try to get the game started as we talk classic TV shows that should be made into movies. Dalton doesn’t want to play. After some magic,we get to work on analysis. Alex brings the heat as she talks about the films conversation with The Patriarchy. Dalton has a rebirth after hearing the analysis. Dustin then presents some psychoanalysis and Jacques Lacan. He highlights the emphasis of the Nomme de Pere, or the name of the father. These analyses kick off a roundtable.Caleb looks at Hollywood’s fixation on nostalgia.

Alright dear listener, get your brooms ready. We’ve got our cauldrons with us and we’re about to cast some magic.Go ahead, tune in, and give in to our spell.  

Bewitched Timestamps

00:47 - Welcome and Intros
03:40 - Synopsis and Reviews
11:53 - The Game: Classic TV Shows Made into Movies
21:04 - Social Media
22:22 - Analysis
38:31 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
45:09 - Wrap Up and Randomizer

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