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GTGC - #187 - Road House


Producer's Note: This cast of Road House is very enjoyable, however there was a technical glitch. It sounds much like we traversed to a cave to record. So, Arthur apologizes for the drastic shift is sound quality, but we'll be back to normal operation next week. 

Welcome back everyone! This week we've packed away our German-made vehicles and have opted for some American motor machines. Dalton Stuart is very excited as we finally look at the movie featuring the character that he was named after, Patrick Swayze's Dalton. We have some division at the table this week. We have three hosts from small towns each of who bring something different to their experience with Road House.

This week we kick things off with our our recasting of Road House in honor of the upcoming remake that's coming down the pipe. Arthur is pretty confident he has the contest one, but Caleb swoops in with some otherworldly help. This mostly serves to agitate Dalton. Once skulls have been busted, we move into analysis. Arthur discusses the portrayal of small town life and politics and what that looks like in the movie. Dalton takes a look at the violence of the film and how he believes it subverts the typical violence of the time. Dustin takes us home with a look at the ideology of the film and presents a little Karl Marx and Jacques Lacan. 

So there you have it dear listener. Remember, just be nice - no matter what. We'll see you next week when we tackle a host pick from Alexandra Bohannon, it'll be a magical time. Don't forget to check out our sponsor Loot Crate, at 

Road House Timestamps

00:47 - Welcome and Intros
03:28 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:30 - The Game: Recast Road House
25:21 - Social Media
26:57 - Analysis 
47:10 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
52:34 - Announce Next Week's Film 
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