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GTGC - #184 - Watchmen


Who watches the Watchmen? We do. That's right, we go back to 2009 to discuss Zack Snyder's second comic adaptation, Watchmen. This week, the gang gather's around the table with OKC Saadboy Heath Huffman who brought this movie to the table for us. Mr. Huffman helped us with a few things and we owed him a favor, so we sat down to take on Snyder's divisive film. 

Things get started this week with a fun game where we assemble our own super hero squads. Heath Huffman raises the bar and everyone has a lot of fun, much giggling follows. Next, the boys from New Zealand let us know it's time to get down to business and everyone decided to bring it this week. Heath kicks things off by comparingWatchmen to Greek mythology. He goes into the philosophical ideals behind each character, in doing so he creates a launching pad for Dalton Stuart. Dalton goes further into the different archetypes on display in Snyder's work. Caleb brings his thoughts next. He discusses how Watchmen addresses the american dream and the way that looks in a modern landscape. Alexandra goes next and talks about the emotional and mental impacts on viewers. This viewer driven analysis gives a lot of insight into what happens psychologically when we watch film. Dustin, as usual, brings everything home for us. He puts on his collar to discuss the theological workings on display in Watchmen

Lifting the veil, everyone was very proud of this episode--so if you only listen to one episode of GoodTrash TODAY make it this one. This is a controversial film, so please hit us up on social media to let us know your thoughts about Watchmen and our readings of it. 

Watchmen Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Introductions

03:31 - Synopsis and Reviews

19:36 - The Game: Hero Squads Assembled
28:47 - Social Media
30:04 - Analysis
1:05:50 - Shelf/Trash--Else/Instead
1:11:39 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film
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