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GTGC - #178 - Looper


We've got mutants and time travel, Dear Listener, but this isn't an X-Film, we're talking Rian Johnson's Looper. It's an exciting time at the analysis table as Looper was the source of some conflict in our very early days between Dalton and Dustin. Now that we add Caleb and Arthur into the mix, things get turned up to 11 early on as Caleb and Dustin go 'round and 'round during the reviews section. It gets a little warm, dear listener. 

The game is inspired this week as we talk 2 Actors, 1 Character and talk about actors that we want to see young and old versions of a character a la Looper. We then head into our analysis section where Caleb brings us up to speed on the history of time travel in fiction. He provides a great historical background and traces the different types of time stories and how they function and the problems within each sub-genre. Dalton moves forward out of this history lesson to tell us about the myth of redemptive violence. He discusses how the characters in this film take the ideas of redemptive violence to an extreme end. Arthur is the next to take the mic and he talks about the film's stance on nostalgia, homage, and intertextuality and how all of that is used to build a narrative with a more layered nuance. He highlights a number of films that Looper is lifting from and how it uses that to try to provide a unique take on an old story. Dustin takes these ideas to the next level as he claims that Looper plays out the film noir cycle and how the film calls back to and presents ideas from the film noir cycle. Dustin provides a strong understanding of the film noir cycle and how that functioned and moved. 

So there you have it dear listener, if you're listening to this from the future, we must be doing our jobs right. This week we want to thank Mindy Laff and Carrie Rayburn for recently becoming patrons. Alright, my time is almost up, they're closing my loop soon. But, dear listener, you have a chance to change the future, our fate is in your hands... Just hit that play button. 

Looper Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Introductions
03:01 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:41 - The Game: 2 Actors/1 Character
24:00 - Analysis
47:12 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
53:03 - Social Media
54:30 - Wrap Up and Randomizer!
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