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GTGC - #177 - Rounders


Shuffle up and deal, Dear Listener, the original GoodTrash triad is back to talk Rounders. Arthur, Dalton, and Dustin gather around the table to play some cards and talk about the 1998 poker film starring Matt Damon, Ed Norton, and John Malkovich. It's a fun retro-episode as we pull some cards out of our sleeves. 

The guys kick the show off proper by talking about Celebrities they Want to Play Poker With. And Dear Listener, we want to know, who would you want at your celebrity Hold 'Em table? The gang burn and turn and get down to business. Arthur lays a foundation for the discussion by making a case for Rounders as a cult film. He draws from the British well with a look at Justin Smith's article "British Cult Cinema" which highlights several markers of a cult film. Dalton tags in during his analysis to talk about the Bro-y nature of this movie before coming back in later to deliver his analysis. Dalton looks at the movie as a commentary on the nature of ambition and self-destruction. Looking at the dynamic between Damon's Mike and Norton's Worm, Dalton draws conclusions about the danger of ambition if not properly haltered and focused. Dustin calls the action on the table, and raises the bet with a conversation about the film's flirtation with the Film Noir style. Citing Roger Ebert's review of the film, Dustin explores whether Rounders is a true Noir, or if it's just playing dress up. 

Actions now to you, Dear Listener. Caleb and Alex were sorely missed this week, but America's Bad Boy, the Voice of the Cinema, and the Godfather of GoodTrash try to hold the fort down. The river just hit the table dear listener, and we're all in. Do you call or raise? Did you catch our tell? Hit the play button and then let us know. 

Rounders Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Intros
03:44 - Synopsis and Quick Reviews
11:44 - The Game: Celebrities We Want to Play Poker With
17:05 - Analysis
34:48 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
40:29 - Social Media
43:01 - Bonus Segment!
51:44 - Randomizer: Announce Next Week's Film 
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