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GTGC - #176 - Scott Pilgrim vs the World


Welcome to the strange world of GoodTrash Media, Dear Listener! This week, the long awaited host pick from Caleb Masters has arrived! Caleb slaved for hours over his list of dream movies for the show and he narrowed it down to Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It's a fun time as Arthur, Dalton, Dustin, Alex, and Caleb sit down to record a podcast. 

This week, the gang talk about their favorite cinematic boss battles! Their list is strong, but we want to know about your favorite cinematic boss battles - play the game with us on Twitter and Facebook. The Trash levels up as we turn towards our analysis. The picker of the film starts the discussion by talking about Scott Pilgrim's commentary on the male millennial identity. Caleb puts together a strong foundation for his analysis by discussing the motivation behind millennial actions. Dalton piggybacks off of Caleb's analysis, and discusses the movies careful cultivation of human relationships and love. He also highlights the theme of self respect that came up in Caleb's analysis. The conversation shifts as Alex takes the mic and brings up the topic of style versus the idea of auteurism. Citing Sidney Lumet's Making Movies, Alex looks at Scott Pilgrim through the lens of formalism and how that impacts the storied auteur theory. Dustin, doing what Dustin does, audibles on the fly and bends his analysis to work off of Alex's. He presents the Modernity Thesis and raises the thought of the Post-Modernity Thesis. He talks about the gap between generations and why the audience reaction between generations varies towards Scott Pilgrim.

It's dangerous to go alone, Dear Listener. And this week we want to thank Heath Huffman and Daniel Stull for contributing via Patreon. It is through the support of listeners like you that we are able to produce the content that we do. But, enough schilling, it's time for you to make a decision. Do you answer the call? Or do you keep sleeping in every day? Continue - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Timestamps

01:05 - Welcome and Intros
05:02 - Synopsis and Reviews
13:43 - The Game - Favorite Cinematic Boss Battles
23:55 - Analysis
51:36 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
58:08 - Wrap Up, Social Media, Announce Next Week's Film
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