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GTGC - #167 - Summer Wars


Hello dear listener! The Brig-A-Thon rolls on this week as we take on Summer Wars. That's right, the anime marathon keeps on keepin' on as Alex, Caleb, and Dustin sit around and discuss the movie with generally positive feelings. If you're interested in picking a marathon for the GoodTrash GenreCast then head over to Patreon for more information. 

This week, after giving our initial reviews, we discuss Saturday Morning Cartoon Mashups that we would love to see. That's right, we'd be just as excited for an X-Men '92/TMNT crossover as you would be. Caleb cranks it to 11 for his choices and a great deal of fun is had by all. 

Finally, we move into the portion of the show that you all came for; we get down to business and break open Summer Wars to find out what's going on behind the firewall of Oz. Alex kicks things off as she uses her education to great affect, talking e-governance and government policy and how Summer Wars takes a look at all of that. Caleb takes the reigns next to talk about Eastern Religion and the Internet. He discusses how the internet has taken philosophies from Shinto and Buddhism and taken them world wide, for the better. Dustin then takes things home to talk about the influence of Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story) on Summer Wars; this leads him to discuss the integration of art house style on anime. 

So, there you have it dear listener, the connection is strong, and we're getting connected. So why don't you find the network in your wifi list and join us on this interweb adventure. 

Summer Wars Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
02:15 - Synopsis and Quick Reviews
09:28 - The Game: Saturday Morning Mashups
15:44 - Analysis
35:12 - Shelf/Trash - Else/Instead 
40:19 - Wrap up, Social Media, Announce Next Week's Film 
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