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GTGC - #162 - I Am Legend


Grab your garlic and your crosses, Fresh Prince February kicks off with a look at 2007's blockbuster horror-action film, I Am Legend. That's right, we jump into the peak of Will Smith's career to tackle his end-of-days vampire picture which sees him trying to find a cure for the undead to restore some semblance of civilization.

This week, Arthur, Dalton, Caleb, and Dustin gather around the table to get Fresh Prince February off the ground. Reactions to the film vary quite a bit, well not so much, but one person in particular is disappointed that I Am Legend wasn't more loved. As the new format takes shape, we follow our reviews up with our game. This week we discuss some of our favorite or most interesting star vehicles - those movies designed to bolster a movie stars career or re-launch their career. Following the game, we move into analysis. Dalton takes a shot at the studios and Hollywood as he discusses the two endings for I Am Legend, and why the theatrical cut makes it a very problematic film. Caleb picks this train of thought up and runs with it as he segues into a discussion of the Savior/Martyr complex and how I Am Legend seems to be deconstructing it. Dustin then brings things home with a look at the films discourse of capitalism and politics and how that interacts with radical theology and concludes that loving communities are a starting point for a more peaceful world.

So, there you have it dear listener. We've checked our watch and it looks like the sun is starting to get low in the sky... I think it may be time for you to hit that play button, if you dare.

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I Am Legend Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
04:28 - Synopsis and Reviews
14:40 - The Game: Star Vehicles
23:46 - Analysis
49:05 - Shelf/Trash: Else/Instead
54:41 - Where to Find Us
56:11 - Wrap up and Announce Next Week's Film
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